Nick Milbratz

Nick Milbratz is a native of Chicago, where he studied improv at Second City. He has a bachelor’s degree in Theatre from Aquinas College, where he performed on the AQ improv troupe for 2 years, and also served as Captain of the troupe. Nick has performed locally with Circle Theatre, Heritage Theatre Group, Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids, and Actors’ Theatre. He has also performed at Dog Story Theatre in Grand Rapids, The Red Barn Theatre in Saugatuk, and The Boar’s Head Theatre in Lansing.

Katie Fahey

Once a founding member of Chumba Wumba, Katie Fahey, graduated Aquinas College with a degree in Sustainable Business and Community Leadership. During breaks from saving the Earth, Katie was on the AQ Improv Troupe making people laugh out loud with her fearless one-liners. While she enjoys working as a sustainability Coordinator, Katie also enjoys not being at work with her dogs Lord Bentley, Dame Bianca, and her bunny Lady Sustainabelle, oh and husband…our ticket guy Sean.

Eirann Betka

Eirann Betka is a theatre teacher, a Virgo, and a mean cook. She enjoys long walks on the beach and stargazing. Oh, that’s not the reason for this ? Never mind, then.

Mike Nichols

No, our Mike Nichols is not the famous movie director Mike Nichols, but we love him anyways. A Jersey-born, Grand Rapids-raised scripturient, Mike was a founding member of Improv at Central Michigan , where he majored in journalism and worked as managing editor of the college paper CM-Life. By day he is a reporter at The Grand Rapids Business Journal (YOU SHOULD READ IT! and by night he is improv, and so can you.

TJ Corbett

TJ Corbett was born and raised in the rough and tumble streets of St. Clair Shores. After earning a BFA in theatre performance, he went that path of all aspiring performers, and lived in his parent’s basement for two years, before being cast as the part of ‘Boy’ in Mitch Albom’s “Ernie”, which he had been playing since 2011. In 2012 he founded a non-profit theatre company, Hole in the Wall, and through HITW has brought original shows to everywhere from Detroit to Chicago. TJ would like to for checking out No Outlet, and is excited to be sharing the stage with these talented people! He would also like you to know he battled a hydra so you could sit in your seats tonight. That’s right, a hydra. You’re welcome

Kristin Hirsch

Kristin Hirsch is a proud Grand Rapids native who moved away for a little bit until the siren song of home could no longer be ignored. She is delighted and overjoyed to be a part of No Outlet and get to share the stage with all of the other people that you already read about. In her free time she enjoys pondering life, coffee and Midwestern charm.

Amy Gascon

Amy Gascon has lived in Grand Rapids long enough that she would choose to have her American Idol welcome home parade here, should she make the top three. Amy is an improviser with several Grand Rapids groups in addition to No Outlet, including SALT, Rapid Delivery Improv and Funny Girls. She is a sketch comedy writer and director and has recently co-founded an online comedy hub, Last Retort. Amy is a graduate of the Second City Training Center in Chicago, where she studied improv, sketch-writing, stand up, and acting. She holds a bachelors in Communications from Grand Valley and is currently working on a theatre degree so she can figure out how to turn on spotlights and stuff like that. Some of her favorite things include succulents, entrepreneurship and summer camp.

Lis Hatfield

After her injured father was called to represent their family and fight to defend China, Lis Hatfield snuck out in the middle of the night dressed as a man to take his place. With only a horse, a sword, a lucky cricket and a sassy dragon to aid her, she managed to save all of China from the Huns and bring honor to her family while also shattering gender stereotypes. Critics have hailed her improv “mysterious as the dark side of the moon.” Let’s get down to business.

Sean Francis

Sean Francis is a film and theatre graduate from Grand Valley State University. Over the years he has been affiliated with productions both on and offstage, in front of and behind the camera for the University Wits, Late Night Grand Rapids, Pseudo Improv, Rhymes With Orange Improv, Sunny St. SnoCones sketch group, The Don’t We Boys, Fubble Entertainment, GVSU Theatre, and numerous independent films. He is also a musician and karaoke enthusiast, and currently plays drums and keyboards for the band Silverstiles (past bands include Minors After Midnight, Blue Cords, Rotated Stuff, Squid Pro Gobo, Neil Before Diamond, Mad Gringos, and Whiskey Dick & the Dead Woods). He co-directed and co-wrote two plays for Gratiot County Player’s Summer Youth Workshop: Mishaps and The Slide Rule Club. He also was a co-director for the all-student GVSU original play Founding. Does it matter? He thinks so.

Non-Active Members

Colleen Watt

Colleen Watt is an alumnus of Kalamazoo College’s team Monkapult and is thrilled to have recently joined No Outlet. When she isn’t playing around on stage, she (amazingly) gets paid to play at the Children’s Museum. You may also find her at Schuler Books, losing at pub-trivia, or furiously discussing the to anyone who will listen.

Ryan Hinkle

Ryan Hinkle is extraordinarily tall. When not in pursuit of hipster status, he pushes buttons at a web-dev company being a Front-end Developer. He graduated from Aquinas College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Science; spending his nights throughout his four years there with the AQ Improv Troupe. Ryan enjoys falconry, improving, and cooking.

Lizzy Sulkowski

Lizzy Sulkowski is a short human with a little bit of sass. Lizzy attended Aquinas College and graduated with a degree in Theatre. She has performed with Aquinas College, Circle Theatre, Actors’ Theatre and Heritage Theatre Group. Lizzy has also branched out into film work and photography. She has been doing improv since high school and joined the AQ Troupe her sophomore year. Improv is and always will be a big part of Lizzy’s life. In her spare time she likes to laugh when she’s not supposed to, run, juggle dishes, hug people, and eat chocolate (nomnomnom).

Patra Gupta

Patra Gupta can best be described as a “cartoon in a human form”. She was born and raised in the North of England in a real life sitcom with 7 older brothers, a strict traditional mother, constant dreary weather and a weird obsession with cats . Factors giving way to her great sense of humor and a strong itch to travel far far away to escape an arranged marriage. Low and behold, she ended up in Grand Rapids, Michigan married to a Dutch lawyer, a frugal powerhouse (and a force not to be reckoned with).
With no and often offending most conservative West Michigan people without intention, Patra finds Improv a non-judgmental hobby. She has trained at Second City, IOWest and UCB and is grateful that the NOIT team embraces her wit and weirdness!